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inositol hexaphosphate

Product name: calcium and magnesium phytate Chemical name: calcium and magnesium inositol hexaphosphate Molecular formula: C6H6O24P6Ca5Mg Molecular weight: 872.637 CAS NO. : 3615-82-5 [product introduction] Appearance: white odorless odorle...

sodium phytate

Product name: sodium phytate Molecular formula: C6H6O24P6 Na12 Molecular weight: 923.8012 (according to international relative atomic weight in 2013) Chemical name: sodium inositol hexaphosphate Formula: [product introduction] Appearance: w...

phytic acid

Product name: phytic acid Chemical name: inositol hexaphosphate Molecular formula: C6H18O24P6 Molecular weight: 660.02 (according to international relative atomic weight in 2013) 结构式: [product introduction] Appearance: light yellow...

Sodium phytate

Product name: Sodium phytate Molecular formula: C 6 H 6 O 24 P 6 Na 12 Molecular weight: 923.8012 (According to 2013 international relative atomic weight) Chemical name: P hytic acid sodium salt hydrate Formula: [Product description] Appear...

Phytic acid

Product name : Phytic acid Chemical name : Inositol hexaphosphoric acid Molecular formula : C 6 H 1 8 O 24 P 6 Molecular weight : 660.02 (According to 2013 international relative atomic weight) Formula : [Product description] Appearance : L...