Health knowledge - inositol

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  Inositol has many effects,such as promoting healthy hair growth,

  preventing hair loss.Preventing eczema,redistributing body fat,calming effect,and so on.

  Source: inositol rich foods: animal liver, beer yeast, Lima bean, bovine brain and heart, American melon, grapefruit, raisins, malt, unrefined molasses, peanuts, kale.

  Nutritional supplements: 6 soybean fat capsules contain 244mg of inositol and 244mg of choline.Powdered lecithin is soluble in liquid;Most B complex preparations contain 100mg of inositol and choline.The average daily intake is 250 to 500mg.

  Enemies of inositol: water, sulfa, estrogen, food processing, alcohol, coffee.

  Advice: when taking inositol, it must be taken with choline and other B vitamins.

  Regular coffee drinkers should consume more inositol.

  People taking lecithin are best advised to take chelated calcium to maintain a balance of phosphorus and calcium in the body, as both inositol and choline seem to increase the level of phosphorus in the blood.Vitamin E

  For maximum effect, adequate intakes of inositol and choline are necessary.

  Pharmaceutical industry

  Creatine can be used to produce inositol tablets, inositol niacin, and triglycerides for the treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver and hypercholesterolemia in the blood.

  Niacin was prepared from niacin, tricloxophosphate and inositol by reaction of niacin and trihydroxophosphate

  Acyl chloride, and then it reacts with inositol to get the end product.Fluoroinositol is a new product developed in recent years, which has anti-cancer, anti-cancer and highly effective immune function.The chemosynthetic paclitaxel has poor effect on cancer.But when modified with inositol, the effect is better than that of natural products.Both at home and abroad, taxol has been in short supply.This has become a new consumer of inositol in today's pharmaceutical industry.

  Food industry

  Inositol is a "living", to participate in the activities of the metabolism of the body, with a variety of action such as immunity, prevention and treatment of certain diseases, in the fermentation and food industry, can be used for a variety of bacterial culture and promote the growth of yeast, higher animals, such as if the lack of inositol, there will be growth stagnation and hair wait for a phenomenon, the body every day to the demand of inositol is l - 2 g, many health drink and children's food is added have a trace of inositol.

  Inositol is also a growth factor for certain microbes in the gut, and when other vitamins are lacking, it can stimulate the microbes that lack the vitamins to synthesize them.