Characteristics of activated tricalcium phosphate

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  Active tricalcium phosphate is a kind of inorganic dispersants, widely used in production of polystyrene aggregate and flour processing, the activation of tricalcium phosphate is different with ordinary tricalcium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate without superfine grinding and activation, its anti caking capacity is much less than the activation tricalcium phosphate, ordinary tricalcium phosphate coarse particle size with dispersion force but does not have waterproof ability, so it's an anti-caking ability is far less activation of tricalcium phosphate.The anti - caking ability of activated tricalcium phosphate is 10 times that of ordinary tricalcium phosphate.Active tricalcium phosphate is the latest and most advanced anti-caking agent in the world. It is a broad-spectrum anti-caking agent, so it is also called universal anti-caking agent.Activated tricalcium phosphate has a super anti-caking ability, its anti-caking ability is more than 5 times that of silica, especially has a strong ability to repel water, after adding this product even if the material is exposed to the air will not return to moisture caking.Activated tricalcium phosphate is widely used as moisture-proof and anti-caking agent for all kinds of chemical fertilizers, fire extinguishing agents, explosives, chemical inorganic salts, feed additives and other industries.