The effect of inositol nicotinate

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  Let's talk about the role of inositol nicotinate:the drug is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, and then slowly metabolized in the body, gradually hydrolyzed into niacin and inositol, and then through the two play a role.It can relax and permanently relax peripheral blood vessels, improve abnormal lipid metabolism, dissolve fibrin, dissolve thrombus and anticoagulant.The indication of hyperlipoproteinemia is the same as niacin, which can be used as adjuvant therapy.And can be used for coronary heart disease and all kinds of peripheral vascular spasmodic diseases (such as atherosclerosis obliterans, arthrospasm, migraine, etc.) adjuvant treatment.Special note: pregnant women and nursing mothers use: niacin can secrete from milk, is likely to cause Suckling adverse reactions, should consider to stop drug or stop breastfeeding medical ` learn education online collection.Medication for elderly patients: elderly patients with liver and kidney function decline, should be cautious to take this product, should monitor liver and kidney function, adjust the dosage.Drug overdose: in case of drug overdose, supportive treatment should be taken according to the poisoning symptoms.