The modern craft route that flesh alcohol takes

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  The demand for inositol is increasing day by day, and the new technology of inositol production is constantly improved.The chemical society is used in Japan.According to recent reports, China has made a breakthrough in chemical synthesis technology and has realized industrial production.The research and development of enzymatic hydrolysis method and chemical synthesis method have broad application prospects and are the development direction of muscle fermentation production in the future.Now there are several methods to produce inositol:

  (1) Fine Finished Inositol

  Although water-soluble phosphoric acid and phosphates are precipitated and separated during neutralization, Ca2+Mg2+ ci-so42 - plasma is still in the filtrate after neutralization. Ion exchange resin method is widely used in foreign countries to remove Ca2+ and Mg2+ plasma through cation exchange resin column, and then remove CI- and SO42- ions through anion exchange resin column.Domestic manufacturer multi-purpose reagent subtraction method: 80-9 ℃ condition, to join the decolorizing activated carbon to colorless transparent;After decolorization, Ba (OH) 2 (mainly for removing SO42- ions) and acid/oxalic acid (mainly for removing Ca2+ and Mg2+) were added at ph 7.0-8.0.A small amount of BaOH2 was added first, and a small amount of oxalic acid was added a few minutes later, and the pH value was strictly controlled at 7.0-8.0.In this process, whether Ca2+ and SO42- will be completely removed and detected by sodium oxalate, SO42- by BaCl2, Ba (OH2) by Na2SO4, and oxalic acid by CaCl2. In order to avoid introducing other impurities, activated carbon, oxalic acid and Ba (OH) 2 should be pretreated.Crude inositol can be obtained by concentration and crystallization of the impurity solution. In order to further improve the purity and meet the requirements of pharmacopoeia, crude inositol needs to be refined.After the crude inositol is dissolved in distilled water, it can be further refined by ion exchange resin method or chemical reagent method as described above.

  (2) process improvement of pressure hydrolysis method

  The traditional production method of inositol is pressure hydrolysis.As the pressurized hydrolysis method has many years of practical experience in industrial production, it is still the main process technology adopted by domestic manufacturers, and the process has been constantly improved in production. Therefore, some technological progress of the process will be briefly introduced below.General process of pressurized hydrolysis method: feiting (hydrolysis) -- hydrolysate (neutralization, filtration) -- inositol (impurity removal concentration, crystallization centrifugation) -- crude inositol (impurity removal, crystallization centrifugation) -- boutique.Hydrolysis and refining are two key steps.