Calcium phosphate anticoagulant

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  FAO/WHO stipulates: as an anticoagulant, it can be used in glucose powder and sucrose powder with a maximum dosage of 15g/kg(used alone or in combination with other anticoagulants, no starch exists);Milk powder, cream powder, 5g/kg (alone or in combination with other stabilizers, tricalcium phosphate - anhydrous substance).When used in vending machines, milk powder, 10g/kg, cream powder 1g/kg(alone or in combination with other anti-knot agents);Soup and soup, 15mg/kg(used alone or in combination with stearate and silica);Cocoa powder and sweetened cocoa powder, 10g/kg(used alone or in combination with other anti-freeze agents, sweetened cocoa powder used only in vending machines).Tricalcium phosphate

  As a stabilizer, it can be used in evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and thin cream with a dosage of 2g/kg (for single use) and 3g/kg(for combined use with other stabilizers, all calculated as anhydrous substance).9g/kg(total phosphate, in terms of phosphorus) for cheese processing.

  This product can be used as calcium fortifier for biscuits, bread, etc., its dosage for cereal powder is 3g/kg, tricalcium phosphate http://www.yuwei188.com-solid drink is 20g/kg, are calculated by the element calcium