Preparation of feed grade tricalcium defluorophosphate

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  Tricalcium phosphate is a kind of feed additive with excellent performance. The product has been verified by feeding efficiency at home and abroad and has good feeding effect, and its biological titer is roughly equivalent to forage grade calcium hydrophosphate [4].Especially for the birds and rabbits with short life span and strong activity ability, it has the advantages of low feeding cost and good economic benefits [5].At present, our country feed grade calcium hydrogen phosphate production has reached 2.5 million t/a, and defluorization tricalcium phosphate production of less than 50000 t/a, and calcium hydrogen phosphate production takes sulfuric acid) (in wet-process phosphoric acid, the production process is long, large investment, high cost and defluorization tricalcium phosphate is phosphate rock defluorization was obtained through high temperature firing, a short process, high phosphorus rate, investment, low cost advantage [6].At present, the production capacity of feed grade phosphate in the world has exceeded 10 million t, among which the production capacity of tricalcium defluorophosphate reaches 3.5 million t[7-9].The production of tricalcium defluorophosphate in Russia and other countries started in the 1960s. It is the region with the largest production capacity of feed grade tricalcium defluorophosphate in the world. The production capacity of Russia alone is more than 2 million t/a.In addition, the production capacity of feed grade tricalcium defluorophosphate in the United States is 650,000 t/a, and that in Western Europe and other countries is 500,000 t/a.In Russia, defluorinated tricalcium phosphate accounts for 40%~50% of feed grade calcium phosphate, 20%~30% in the United States and 25% in Europe.